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Take back your screens

Digital signage doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. Our system runs on simple, off-the-shelf components, is controlled by a simple website, and allows you to quickly upload new ads and rotate those ads.

But that's not all - you also get an incredible live draft menu, website integration (coming soon), and printed menus all for the same incredibly low price.

And for breweries we have a special set of features designed to help you educate and inform your guests about each and every beer you're serving. Learn more about our special brewery features here

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Mobile Ready

Optimized for mobile - change beers on the fly, reschedule advertising, send printable menus to any networked printer.

Simple Pricing

Don't pay per screen, with On Tap you'll have unlimited screens displaying your live draft menu and advertising.

Template Support

With a variety of draft menu templates you'll be able to create a draft list that fits in perfectly.

Website Integration (coming soon)

With our website integration you'll be able to send your live draft list directly out to your guests.

Nobody likes Untappd, stop using their menu system

Bars, Breweries, Restaurants, and More

Brewery Features

Tasting notes, growler and crowler pricing, and more


With built-in image uploading, rotate your live draft list with your own advertising

Flexible Settings

Create you own draft list with variable pricing, ABV, style, advertising frequency and more settings

Cheap Hardware

No more expensive, dedicated media machines. On Tap runs on simple, affordable hardware that plugs straight into a tv

You've got questions, we've got answers

  • Why is this so cheap?

    We're a really small team, and we already built this system to power our own menus. So it's easy for us to just activate it for the rest of the world.

    But there are downsides to us being so small. You're not going to get great support.

    But you won't need it - this system has been running in dozens of bars, breweries, and restaurants for nearly 3 years with no issues.

  • What hardware do I need?

    Any Windows PC you can plug into your tv will be able to run your digital draft list. We have a very specific fanless PC we recommend and have a full instruction set on how to configure it to run, it varies in price but is always under $200.

    You can purchase as many as you want and set them up on unlimited screens.

  • Is it really unlimited?

    It really is unlimited. There's no reason to pay to show the same content on multiple screens.

    However - if you want to show different content on different screens or you want to have different draft lists you'll need an account for each set of screens showing the same content.

  • I have multiple locations

    That's awesome - congrats! If everyone is running the same draft list you can run off a single account.

    But if your draft list varies, you'll need a separate account for each location. At each spot you'll be able to run unlimited screens on that account.


Pick your style

From simple black and white to expanded information and classic old-school signboard - you can pick any format of draft board. This version is set for a 15 second switch between draft list and advertising. In the live site you can customize your own timing.

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Cheaper, easier, better

Simple pricing, tons of value, no added fees

  • On Tap
  • Mobile Access
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Screens
  • Unlimited Billboard Images
  • Unlimited Taps or Display Items
$ 9.95 /mo
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